Taster session

This week I had the opportunity to take a taster session at Uni of Hudd. Unfortunately, I was half an hour late for a one hour session, but still managed to catch a part of the discussion around flipped learning and the presentation for the MSc.

Whilst the learning topics were not relevant to my current work, this did prove that I am interested in the subject (mainly as a personal e-learner) and it will give me the skills to expand into mainstream FE or HE at a later time.

Very impressed with Uni of Hudd and Liz’s attitude towards the course. She’s very passionate and facilitates well, even with difficult topics presented to her. I feel I will be very well supported during this course, which is essential as its mainly distance learning.

Leeds Uni have returned my application saying there are bits missing. If the online system hadn’t been so appalling, then perhaps they could save a lot of time and money chasing people! As a result, I feel less inclined to pursue the application, even though it’s much closer to home and the course seems to fit my current area of work better, as, from the communication already made, I doubt I will get great support from them and if the application process is anything to go by, the online infrastructure isn’t up to scratch which is a barrier for distance learning.

On my visit to Uni of Hudd, it was great being on a campus again. The phrase ‘clicks and mortar’ is very true for me and I didn’t feel a sense of belonging with the OU (and thus felt less motivated), whereas I will doing a MSc attached to an brick building. I don’t have the psychology skills to explain why, but it’s true!

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