So it begins again…

After a year off due to depression, I re-emerged and finally completed the first year in 2015 with surprisingly good marks. I’ve dusted off this blog and am now due to embark on Year 2.

Aaaand I’m already behind…

The first assignment (due in 19 days!) is a portfolio about my online interaction in a private Facebook-like environment. Of which I done nothing. Mostly because of time, but also because the other interactions are citing sources and ideas I’ve never heard of, or I can’t relate to my context, so I have no intelligent reply. This is going to be hard.

I’m struggling to relate this module to my education context (LLDD) so that this time and effort is worth my while and also that of the College funding my studies.

I need a plan.

  • Figure out exactly WHY we’re participating in an online forum – is it to discuss participating in online forums? (I suspect it is…), or as a medium for something else. In either case, how on earth am I going to relate this to my learners. Perhaps I need to angle it towards practitioners using digital engagements as peer-support/development instead.
  • Read (using the citations listed by others as a starting point)
  • Read some more
  • Participate online anyway – (perhaps rather than replying to content, I can start conversations to secure the context I’m after?)
  • Revisit the theories I’ve already learned (and subsequently forgotten) in previous assignments to reduce cognitive load – efficiency is key here!

I’m not concerned by the submission medium here (website or blog post probably ) because as usual in the digital word “content is king” – the medium is irrelevant. Interestingly this contradicts the “medium is the message” idea. Perhaps the idea doesn’t transcend into the discrete detail of the different online mediums:

  • Blogs
  • News sites
  • Personal websites
  • Forums
  • Video / Vlogs
  • Social networks

Although, anything community based (many-to-many) can be voted up or down to promote ‘quality’ content (Stack Exchange, Reddit, Facebook ‘likes’ to some degree) unlike a blog or website (one-to-many) which can be left unaltered – although community interaction elsewhere will determine how prevalent search engines rank the content.

Either way, content is king.


Link to original Bill Gates’ essay who is attributed with coining the phrase

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