First assignment (mini-project 9) now submitted for formative feedback. I’m a little nervous as I have no idea if I’m headed in the right direction as I found this fairly hard to write; 500 words is nothing! Do I spend half the assignment attempting to critically analyse the given report, or instead write about my own context using the report to support my discussions? I’m unsure at this stage.

But luckily, the next task on my list is a blog post. I can do those.

This one is all about my skills. I’m unsure of the purpose of task; perhaps a reflective evaluation of where I’m at? But anyway, here goes:

I can code. Yup, the geeky command-line stuff, <tags>, $variables and the if…else statements. I really enjoy it. It’s logical,  eloquent and functional. Apart from the hours spent looking for the single semi-colon that has broken the entire project…

I make web resources to support learners with learning difficulties and disabilities. This, amongst other things, makes me an Assistive Technologist. I really love this job. Here I get to work 1:1 with people finding innovative ways to use technology to enhance their lives. I also get to make resources that impact hundreds of users (my ACCESS: YouTube website has been a particular success – students love YouTube!). I currently involved with 2 national Jisc funded projects and spend my working day assessing students for their individual IT access needs, developing resources, delivering sessions and working with some brilliant people.

I can teach. I have a PGCE, 5 years experience at specialist college and opportunities to  train and deliver workshops to other practitioners who are also interested in using technologies to support disabilities.

As a student, I enjoy studying and writing, but I feel the level of academic skill required by the MSc is a little beyond me at present. However, I am confident I can rise to the challenge and be successful in this endeavor.

I’m also an excellent sound engineer. In a previous life, before embarking on a career in education, I ran my own recording studio and contracted out as a live sound engineer for various venues. I did this following my BSc Creative Music and Sound Technology which gave me my technical background which also briefly led to a short stint working for an acoustic consultancy where I developed a good underpinning of applied mathematics.

Beyond this, my skills lay in playing the drums and DIY.

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