Induction day

Well, I’m now officially enrolled! Have a NUS card and everything.

A really good day meeting everyone on the course, plus the staff who support our learning. I have been really impressed with the infrastructure and professionalism of them all, but it’s all very human and laid back too. It looks like we’ll get excellent support with academic writing, something I think I’ll enjoy but am a little apprehensive of my ability to do this well, so that’s a great comfort. The introduction to the library was useful and I was particularly struck by the librarians comments that ‘studies show there is a direct correlation between engagement with the library and results’. Having not frequented the library during my undergraduate degree or PGCE, I’ve made a point of at least finding where it is on campus!

So, have details of the first assignments, a series of mini-modules which look to upskill our abilities in academic writing, researching and the like. Seems manageable within the time frame, which is a relief. It looks like I can draw from past experiences and projects for these, but I wonder if I would be better off pursuing something new to challenge me. We’ll see what circumstances allow….

Also, interestingly, there’s a task of setting up a wordpress blog! So, at least that’s something off the (slightly mammoth) todo list I can check off.

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