…and we’re back!

First post for little while. The Raspberry Pi hosting my webserver died and has taken up considerable amounts of time trying to repair it.

However, it’s officially dead, so I’m now hosting everything on a repurposed laptop with a broken screen running Ubuntu Server. Having the Pi taught me so much about Linux and coding, but I’m actually a little glad it’s now gone – everything is SO much faster!

Unfortunately I lost this entire blog and with it being part of an assignment, that was a bit of a concern! Luckily Google’s webcache came to the rescue and had recently saved a copy so I could retrieve the content from there. I now have automated backup procedures in place…

I’ve had my feedback from my first assignment; lots of helpful comments steering me in the direction of better critical writing and supporting my statements with evidence. I’ve had a bash at making it better, but I’ve been so tired this week (many late nights wrestling with the Pi hasn’t helped) that I’m struggling to work effectively. The requirements of the course are a little beyond me at present (as to be expected! I doing it to learn something after all), but it can be a little demotivating when things are hard to achieve.

For now, I’ve not resubmitted as I think that with a little more energy it could be better, so it’s saved as a draft in Google Drive in the meantime.

My firefox/googledocs/zotero/xmarks workflow seems to be fairly effective. Google docs does have its limitations (inability to highlight for one), but for a free method that plays nicely on Mac, it’s suitable for my current needs. I may have to reevaluate as the assignments get progressively harder over the duration of the course, it has a lot of plus points that would be hard to replicate elsewhere (revisions, backups, portability, cross-platform etc.)

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