6 Mini Projects

Interestingly, mini-Magnums also come in sixes. Coincidence…?

I’ve decided on my mini-projects for the first module, although this could change, I’m fairly confident that these are the 6 I’ll undertake. To reach this decision, I rated each project out of 5 for interest and also out of 5 for difficulty based on the synopsis given in the module handbook.

Interestingly, the 4 I rated to be the most interesting (4 or 5 out of 5),  I also rated to be the most difficult. Mostly due to the new skills I’d have to use like using researching journal articles or looking at learning theories; both of which I’ve not really encountered before (yes I know, how did I get my PGCE..?!)

I was left then with choosing 2 ‘three’s. For these I chose what I perceived to be most achievable, as I might find it harder to be motivated on these topics.

So, with that process in mind, the 6 I shall endeavour to embark on are:

  1. Strategic Context (interest 4, difficulty 4) – looking at policy
  2. Conferencing (interest 5, difficulty 4) – summarising a journal article
  3. Design of elearning (interest 4, difficulty 5) – analyse a previous project using relevant theory
  4. E-portfolios and assessment of reflection (interest 3, difficulty 3) – evaluate e-portfolios in education
  5. Assessment of learning in a digital age (interest3, difficulty 2) – how can tech support assessment
  6. Social software (interest 4, difficulty 4) – reflect and analyse activities on http://exploreandlearn.wordpress.com

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